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It is experience in life where true change happens

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What Others Say

Below you will find comments from various participants or organizers about Travis's presentations.

"Travis is an absolute Rock Star!"

Howard Farran
Dentist and CEO of Dentaltown

"Really helped our organization raise our level of service and engagement with our members. He gave us leadership concepts that were extremely helpful and became better managers, more effective, efficient and productive."

Todd Erickson
CEO, CapEd Credit Union

"This was a great day. Travis is a very entertaining speaker who knows his stuff, and Disney!"

Doctor in England

Experience is Everything!

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Travis Creates Experience!

Unless you engage the audience, no one changes.

Travis A Frederickson

Working with individuals, businesses and organizations for more than 3 decades, Travis has helped thousands understand their own personal ability to contribute exceptionally, regardless of what surrounds them. 

Having worked with hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs and being one himself, Travis understands the unique situation in which you find yourself once you find some success. He genuinely understands the nature and benefit of leadership and how to apply it to your life and business. Travis also brings his vast experience in working with people using the principles of lasting values.  

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Best selling author and speaker that is one of the foremost expert in what Experience is all about.  Travis is an Experience Coach that will help understand and motivate individuals and groups in developing the appropriate effective experience.

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With formal training in leadership, development and healthcare, Travis has a unique presentation array that is infused with uplifting and encouraging content.

Excellence in Leadership & Service

Travis has been an avid fan of Walt Disney and his dreams since being a boy.  He has guided dozens of leaders and teams on a Vision journey in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and taught these principles around the world.

Teams Create Champions

It is one thing to be in a canoe on the water by yourself - your destiny is yours.  When others are in the boat, you better know where you're going!

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Your Best is Ahead

There is so much ahead of you, and so much you can do.  Live for what is now and ahead and you will go farther and be happier than you can imagine.

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